What is affiliate program?
The Web357 Affiliate Program is a great way for us to reward and thank you for introducing our Joomla products to others. You will get paid a commission whenever visitors you refer make a purchase of our products.
How and when do I get paid?
Simple. All you have to do is signup. We will provide banners in different sizes for you to place within your site. When users click on a banner and get a subscription from our site, we will track this activity and pay you.
How will I know when I've earned a commission?
When someone purchases from our site via your link, the Web357 Affiliate system sends you an email about the sale details: the commission you will get, the order ID as well as the referral URL. You also can login to your affiliate panel to check your sales, traffic, commission, etc.
How and when do I get paid?
You will get paid every month for the previous month and you need to have an active paypal account. There’s a minimum release level of 200 euro.
How much can I earn with your Affiliate Program?
Your monthly commission is determined by the total number of sales generated during a month. There's no limit on how much you can earn. Some of our affiliates earn more than 500 euro per month. You can see more about how much other affiliates can earn.
I would like to write a review for some of your themes. Is it ok to link back using an affiliate link?
From our side that’s acceptable. You know your audience better than us though and this is your decision. As far as we know, most people won’t be having any problems with that.
Sorry, but, I don't know nothing about affiliate marketing, can I start?
Yes, of course you can. We built the Web357 Affiliate program in the easiest way for you to earn money. All marketing materials such as banners, text links and product documentation are already prepared for you. We also provide step-by-step guidelines on how to promote the product as well as more tips for you to earn more money, via blog posts, forum posts and free E-books. You can learn from other affiliates on how they earn money with the Web357 affiliate program.
My question isn’t listed. How can I get support?
Please, feel free to contact us through the email affiliates[@]web357[dot]eu or through our contact form or post your question in our Support Forum.